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Virtual Events

StreamingHouse offers turn-key on-site live and virtual event video solutions, providing equipment and staff for:

  • Conferences, seminars, concerts, sporting events, weddings, etc.
  • Device & app demonstrations
  • Venue-to-venue communication
  • Webinars & remote interviews
  • Multi-camera streaming
  • Remote Event websites


Conferences, seminars, concerts, sporting events, weddings

Live corporate events create a buzz and connect your brand to your market. Increase the value of your event by Streaming it to a wider base and including those who cannot make it to a venue.

Streaminghouse will partner you to seamlessly deliver the value of your speakers, performances and breakout moments to your customers and prospects no matter where they are.

This includes:

  • Mullti camera streaming of presentations
  • Split screens showing presenter slides
  • Live editing of multiple screens to maximise the visual effect on screen
  • Live Q and A sessions with online visitors
  • Gateway access allowing you to stream to a private or passworded audience
  • Turnstiles - allowing you to charge for attendence
  • Analytics - know who was watching and when.
  • Choice of platform - stream through social media channels or your own copyright protected web page

If your brand is going to go to the trouble of creating a live event, take it to the market when the market cannot come to you.

Research is showing that in a world that is increasingly driven by the IoT, customers demand experiences not just products. Make the experience valuable by providing ease of use, seamless transitions and interactivity.

Device & app demonstrations

Product launches were once all about status, hors d'oeuvres and corporate gifts. Today many products are delivered online so launch events can seem obsolete.

Launch your product, App or service online and create a human connection with a Live Stream.

  • Demonstrate screen sessions while showing the operators
  • Field questions from an online audience
  • Achieve better attendance and exposure using online technology
  • Target immediate take-up with a live offer
  • Hit multiple channels with your event
  • Reach a national market with one launch event.

Streaming your launch or product demonstration shows competence, confidence and customer focus. Streaming house will work through a strategy with your team from pre-stream, the event itself and post event engagement actions.


Please get in touch if you want to ask us about anything that’s not covered here.

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