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Years of experience means we can scope and supply you with the correct equipment for your needs. Ensuring that you pay only for the equipment you need and nothing you don't. Our Technical Director travels the world every year keeping abreast of the latest technology and best suppliers.

Your Message, Your Studio

With video being the preferred communication method for your customers, having the power to produce regular content in your organisation will be beneficial in many ways. StreamingHouse recognises this and thats why we help our clients create and setup their own video production studio solution.

With more than 20 years of experience, StreamingHouse have setup studios for clients such as Challenger, Adobe, BHP & Beacon Lighting.

Our professional team can help you setup a studio with as little as a one camera to a multi-camera studio with graphics and remote Skype guests.

Our half day workshop includes training with how to use the equipment and how to setup a sustainable production workflow for regular content.

Talk to StreamingHouse today about how you can take hold of your video communications strategy by having your own studio.


Multiple HD cameras

If you are going to the trouble of developing streaming content, it is important you maximise engagement. High production qualities keep audiences engaged and add to your brand reputation.

High production quality does not necessarily mean a high budget. Multi camera set ups are a cost-effective way to deliver real value to your audience.  Having multiple camera’s recording and a professional switching mechanism gives viewers a real TV experience and done well, can lift your streamed content from a corporate (or worse still) amateur look to one that entertains and educates – effectively adding value by delivering an experience unavailable elsewhere.

The StreamingHouse technical team can advise you on the ideal setup for your streaming facility or bring a complete multi-camera setup to your inhouse event. What you have to say is important. Make sure it demands attention.


Microphones & sound recording

Nothing ruins the value of good streamed content or a live stream faster than poor sound. Our professional team come with the equipment and know-how to have your streamed content sounding like it was made by a big budget studio.

From individuals with lapel mics to panels with shotgun mics, we ensure every person sounds magnificent.

Background noise can ruin a livestream and you don't get a second chance to make that first impression. Streaminghouse technicians know how to set you up with perfect sound. Make sure the message gets the attention, not the medium.

Please get in touch if you want to ask us about anything that’s not covered here.

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